Wednesday, 18 January 2012

January Similan Islands

The month of January has got off to a brilliant start with M/V Oktavia and the new team are settling in well and coping with all situation being thrown at them. The first cruise of the year and the last of 2011 saw a great group of people on board with differing levels of experience.

A family of five from Yorkshire came on to enjoy a New Year with a difference and were just snorkeling. This turned out to be the best spot as they saw a shiver of sharks, six in total, at different times throughout the cruise while the divers were down below.

The second trip of the year departed on the 4 January and encountered a few problems along the way. Firstly the compressor sprung a leak and were not filling up quite as quick, although still doing 30 bottles in two and a half hours, and the second was both GPS packed up on the way to the last dive site of the trip Boon Song Wreck. It was eventually found and dived but it did mean we were a little later back than usual into Thaplamu Pier and we now have two GPSs again (one for back-up).

On the trip that departed on 10 January we had a quiet last few days but Mother Nature was going to have it her way...During the last dive, before returning to Thaplamu Pier, at Boon Song Wreck one guest was stung we believe by a jelly fish. She was quickly treated by staff and was given oxygen and first aid treatment before a doctor met her at the pier. He examined her and gave her some medication before releasing her to go about her travels. Of course we helped with this by organising a private transfer back to her Phuket hotel.

Out at the minute we have an almost full boat with a full team back together after Chris, the tour leader, returned from Singapore where he was getting his new visa. The next two trips are pretty busy so if you're thinking about joining us this month you'd better get a move on...

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